Secrets for Shiny & Healthy Hair

Shiny, Healthy , Longer and thicker hair often tends to be a direct association with beauty and timeless youthfulness, as far as history and society is concerned , often giving us that extra boost of confidence, it simply makes us feel beautiful and ladylike to say the least. As we know, many factors play a role in affecting your hair & its health. Factors such as ; environmental pollution, heat, dry weather, processing your hair with lighter or hair dye and even as we age.

So here are some of my best kept and newly found Secrets and tips

-Sleeping on a silk pillowcase. So, I’m sure you’ve heard it before , silk does wonders. Fabrics such as; cotton or polyester, absorb moisture and cause frizz by friction and non forgiving. Silk will help retain natural shine. And best of all, your hair won’t get frizzy.

Hair Food Olaplex. If you dye your hair, your stylist must integrate Olaplex in any hair processing process. Especially if you are lifting your hair for lighter shades. Benefits are amazing, it repairs the hair structure on a molecular level (very scientific ). Another pro-tip, put it in your hair before you go to sleep as an overnight treatment. Works like charm.

In Taking hair supplements. Stock up on daily hair supplements especially with ingredients like B-complex vitamins as well as biotin, cobalamin, and niacin. This complex ingredients are there to help restore shine from the inside-out.

Protecting the hair with oils. Certain oils—like have amazing beneficial factors, blends of galangal, Moroccan, ama, and borage oils—can double and be layered as heat protectants when you’re using hot tools. Also cocktails oils , meaning a mix of a few different kinds help protect and restore shine.

Lay low on the Heat. Control your heat styling. You may be tempted to blow dry, curl, straighten, perm. The more you process your locks , the worse your hair health will be.Think more effectively next time, for example, use heat styling tools every other day instead of every day give your hair a break from breaking off. This will result in less split ends as a result. Make sure your iron is optimized at 365 degrees, the best temperature level that won’t open the cuticle layer.

Regular masking. Give your hair a well deserved break and spend your days off allowing your hair to soak up a hair mask. In todays beauty market truth is that there are all kinds of masks out there for any type of damaged hair and healing process. Ones you can sleep in, ones that are applied pre-shampoo, or even used in the shower instead of conditioner. Choose ones that are rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants that fortify damaged, chemically-treated hair.

Lay Low on the elastics Hair bands. Even if “elastics” are life savers at times, when it comes to keeping hair out of eyes , it can do more damage than rather goodness on strands. Simply switch wearing elastics to bobby pins headbands, barrettes options are never-ending. Several ways to avoid breakage which will result in hair loss as well.

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