How to make Weekends feel Longer

Ever wondered on Sunday night where the weekend has gone ? Seems to be flying by. Luckily Ive gathered some hacks to have a more mindful experience. Even with the same amount of time you can make it seem longer and less rushed. 1.Start with a self pampering time on a Saturday morning. Put aContinue reading “How to make Weekends feel Longer”


A glimpse to my everyday LA Life and Style. When you live in LA, Traffic becomes a lifestyle, the weather is like paradise everyday  and you’ll quickly realize, there is an alarming number of people spending there time in cafes in Mid-Day business hours. This is due to the concentrated amount of people in the fashion, art,Continue reading “THE EVERYDAY LA LIFE & STYLE”

Beauty Tips that will change your skin

It’s Always the best time to step up your skincare game. These few tips can be added to your everyday lifestyle easily.   INGREDIENTS Truth is Dairy has got to go. Its not the best thing to consume for pores. Switch it to Almond Milk my fav! Also coconut milk or Oat Milk.   DOUBLE CLEANSE AlwaysContinue reading “Beauty Tips that will change your skin”