Night time skincare routine

SKINCARE is extremely important and should be practiced everyday, but WHEN you do it is also as important, as they say, timing is everything! If you have everyday skin challenges on top of a busy schedule and barely have time for yourself this is the perfect skincare routine for you. Which comes at the end of the day , before bedtime. Did you know night time skincare routine is reported most efficient, why? time spend on your skincare routine before bed is what will be most effective due to a few overnight factors activated by deep sleep. Given the amount of “hustle N bustle ” your skin goes through during the day, you must target your skin with the right care at the end of the day. Below are some of the factors that impact your skin nightly.






Main reason why people refer to “beauty sleep” is because of the overnight healing process your skin does from daily factors such as stress, pollution, UV-rays and so much more.  Im sure you’ve realized the more your sleep deprived the less attractive you look and feel. On the other hand the more you sleep the better you feel and look.

The primary reason why, is that your skin cells undergo a process of quicker regeneration during the night time. A good night skincare routine, targeting your specific skin issues, will come in handy as your skincare products provide much needed nutrients that can maximize the cells’ regeneration process. This means your body litteraly has an internal task manager clock that essentially determines which healing processes your body must begin and in which order. How amazing right?




Have you heard of  high skin penetration ? During deep sleep your skin’s primary protective barrier is so to speak down, so it can absorb skincare products at a higher level. Also, since your skin is more relaxed at night without risk of absorbing harmful factors , this is the perfect time to use skin beautifying products, especially those high in vitamins A and C as well as AHA’s.


To protect your skin from premature aging, make sure to apply products that contain ingredients rich in antioxidants and nourishing properties. Ingredients with anti-aging and skin brightening properties are most suitable for your night skincare routine since their effects do not have to compete with the effects of sunlight.




best skincare tips

1. Makeup Remover

I love starting off with this, It honestly gets every last bit of mascara off and I triple coat them with mascara so this is a life saver. I sincerly couldn’t live without it i travel with a mini pack constantly .

2. Cleanser

Give your skin a break and a chance to recover from stress by cleansing it thoroughly and completely wasting off melting that makeup off. Go head, double cleanse if needed.

3. Serum

The next step in my routine is to apply a serum targeting wrinkles. Apply to bare face quickly after cleansing. Serums are without a doubt one of the most beneficial products out there for your skin.

4. Eye Cream

Super important ad time consuming I know. You may not have time every morning for eye cream, but always try to apply one at night, it does wonders!

5. Moisturizer

The extra hydration is needed on your skin during night time. After applying serums this will compliment it and I highly recommend you use ones that are rich in hyaluronic acids.

6. Masks

Masks at night are so much more efficient. It help push in all the products in our previous steps into your skin. Personally I like to do masks about twice a week to revive my skin and get in that facial like feel.


All in all its an extra 10 minutes thats worth every minute. And when you wake up refreshed in the morning you’ll notice a huge difference and smoothness while applying your makeup.


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