Everything you need to know about Desert & Skincare

WATER , FIRE, EARTH & WIND the main climate factors to keep an eye out in the ever blazing heat. Fight the elements ,when the weather is dry , dusty and scorching hot ! Dry climates  always requires that your skincare routine goes threw a minor a adjustment to adapt without having breakouts. FYI ;Continue reading “Everything you need to know about Desert & Skincare”

Trending styles of Joshua Tree

Millions of people WORLDWIDE come to visit Joshua Tree National park. Perhaps its the funky trees or maybe even the big boulders of rocks pilled up , one things for sure there is something so magical about this place. Best times to visit the park is probably November through out march. As temperatures can hitContinue reading “Trending styles of Joshua Tree”

Friday simple and stylish OOTD.

Its finally Friday and everyones excited! I often feel like Friday outfits need some extra love. Usually, Im running around and getting a bunch of work done, as well as getting ready for the weekend, but it seems like at some point I always end up at dinner or drinks with a friend by theContinue reading “Friday simple and stylish OOTD.”