What are you wearing … Cotton or Plastic ?

So lately I’ve been extremely conscious of what I’m putting on my skin….I’m not talking about my face but my whole body . How many times have you checked the tag on the item your about to purchase ? I always do. Have you noticed polyester is the most common material ? What is polyesterContinue reading “What are you wearing … Cotton or Plastic ?”

Life changing habits you need to start today.

Life can be overwhelming at times, thankfully I’ve gathered a few easy habits you can possibly adapt into your lifestyle. These daily tasks will improve and change your life immediately. Let’s dive into it ! 1. Set yourself some daily goals. For example anything small that can be achieved by the end of the dayContinue reading “Life changing habits you need to start today.”

Life changing beauty products

Every once in awhile there’s those products that you happen to discover that become essentials. lets jump right into! + Lux Unfiltered No 12 Bronzing Face Drops Why We love it: To start off, A natural tan without actual sun is hard to achieve but this product comes in with the win. Contains Hyaluronic Acid,Continue reading “Life changing beauty products”