How to Layer Skincare Products

Sometimes wanting to apply skincare and makeup together can get tricky. Some products don’t mix well together . So how to layer your skincare? This is primarily a daytime routine of course . When I started my studies in becoming an esthetician I decided to enroll in a Korean beauty college, I had done aContinue reading “How to Layer Skincare Products”


Who doesn’t wish we can erase dark under eye circles forever ?! Thank god for concealers honestly. Late nights and genetics can be a pain and show up traces on your face. Luckily concelears exist (thank you universe) and does the trick. Yes , color correction exist, but I’m always looking to be more effectiveContinue reading “MUST HAVE CONCEALERS OF 2018”

Santa Monica Guide to Fun

If you happen to be in Los Angeles, Santa Monica is a must see and do. It truly gives you an awesome feel and makes great pictures. Although things can get a little bit overwhelming with gushing tourists , Santa Monica beach ,shopping, endless restaurants , an amusement park and the list goes on andContinue reading “Santa Monica Guide to Fun”