How To Boost Your Goals in 5 quick steps

2018 is almost over and we have literally a few months left till 2019. With that said, I still believe anything is still possible to achieve before the end of the year. Anytime. Anyway. Often people think , it’s too late or They will redo a new year resolution for 2019. I say why wait? The unknown is still possible and so are your wildest dreams . All it takes is a shift , in your mind , in your soul as well as, a few elements you can quickly work on to take that one step closer to your life goals, no matter how impossible it might seem, “Cliche” I know.

  1. INCREASE COMMITMENT. Be 100% into it. More than ever commit and stick by it. It doesn’t matter what the project may be. Motivate yourself by introducing a new type of mindset. Reminding yourself on how short of a time is left until the end of the year. No biggie right !! Any project you take on jump into it fully with all your heart and soul.
  2. EMBRACE THE UNKNOWN. Who knows what life has in store for you. Therefore be open to whatever may come your way in the next few months, be accepting of it. Open minded people reach their goals 50% faster than people with limited mindsets. Don’t be scared or even threatened by what you don’t know, use it to your advantage learn from it. If it’s breaking you down, embrace it change is right around the corner.
  3. BE FIRM AND CLEAR. This is the process of how you reach your biggest dreams. Write down what you want exactly, make a bucket list of things to achieve by the end of each month. Think of all the details not just the big picture . Be disciplined and stick to it. It’s ok to be strict with yourself.  acs_0252
  4. TRACKING. Planning also goes hand in hand in this “tracking”. In order to stay focused on your goals, you must monitor it. Plan and do, simple as that really. Track your progress even if its an inch at a time. Compare this month to next months goals. How far did you move forward, if any? What did you do that worked this month vs last month.
  5. BELIEVE IT LIKE IT ALREADY HAPPENED. In order to go ahead faster and move quicker you need to believe in your goals and dreams. You need to be basically living that life your dreaming of. The mindset has to be there. You have to believe it with every cell in your body in order to manifest it, quicker,faster.

Truly, strive to be the best version of yourself, and that’s the best excellence that you can reach.

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