Rules on dressing Great

Lets face it stylist are not as common and as affordable as we would wish they’d be, therefore you must evolve and become your very own stylist. Its very simple by following fundamental style rules anyone can achieve a personal fashion sense.

Colors are personal

Figure out the colors that compliment your skin tone and hair, and stick to them. You can also refer to certain celebrities or fashion icons with similar eye color or hair or even body shape for inspiration .

Wear your size

Don’t go for something you saw on others, if its too loose or way to tight its not for you. Try it on in the store. Don’t always trust the size its tagged. You should feel good in the clothes you wear, feel beautiful and love your body.

Fashion is not always your style

Just because its current fashion it does not mean you should wear it. Embrace your individual style . Don’t follow every single trend, it will take away your unique look and make you feel obligated to follow others and not stand out in the crowd. After all the goal is to feel good and express yourself.

love your body

Truth is this is the body you’ve been given so why not make the best of it?There is always a piece of clothing that will fit your body best rather than others. By flattering and accentuating your curves at the right place. Also exercise can alter and help, somewhat reach body shape goals.

Wear some badass clothes

Lastly always have a piece of clothing that makes you feel untouchable and ready to conquer the world. Wether its that leather jacket or pair of killer heels. Which ever does the trick of feeling like a badass for you.

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