Everything you need to know about Desert & Skincare

WATER , FIRE, EARTH & WIND the main climate factors to keep an eye out in the ever blazing heat. Fight the elements ,when the weather is dry , dusty and scorching hot ! Dry climates  always requires that your skincare routine goes threw a minor a adjustment to adapt without having breakouts. FYI ; My skin breakouts usually occur at my chin and lower face area.

A Desert Skin Care, is mainly a base of moisturizing. Having moisturized skin is very important in the dry heat. Skin is exposed to untamable heat and can become quickly irritant. Plus lets not forget the dust and sand, that is from the outdoors and not clean.

My routine Product details:

1. THESEAWEEDBATHCO : always start with body cream  this citrus vanilla Body cream is very rich yet not thick!

2. OLEHENRIKSEN : oil control cleanser, amazing for calming the skin.

3.CAUDALIE :Beauty Elixor, because toners are a must and this elixir is great for dry weather.

4. EMBRYOLISSE : lait crème moisturizer, richest of all rich keeps skin highly moisturized, Works extremely well under makeup.

5. DRUNK ELEPHANT UMBRA :sheer physical daily defense spf 30, the best part of this spf is its a fragrance free product! For the longest time this has been as issue for me. The formula is perfect. This brand has a great Philosophy.

Be sure to layer a thick coat of moisturizer as your skin will absorb it much quicker.

Pro-tip: mix your sunscreen and moisturizer together and apply, it will avoid that pasty ghost like phase and your makeup will stay flawless.


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