Tips to connect your MIND, BODY & SOUL

As we all know intuitively , when the mind and body are connection we feel and look better. Nurturing the soul also comes into play with this elements. No secret there folks, but the trick is how to have a holistic connection of it all and without forgetting the soul. In an everyday busy life where everything seems to be a constant go go go…here are a few tips to help maintain a wholeness connection.

a special sanctuary


Check in with yourself daily, when you wake up in the morning do a quick 10m meditation. Whats been bothering you lately? Dig, Find and resolve. DNA let yourself be guided by fear. Another way to scan your mindset is how do you approach certain problems? how is your mindset on it? The trick is to eliminate panic in all 99% of situation (1% remains for the fight or flight response) Training yourself to respond in bad situations calmly, or even towards a confrontation can go a long way. The second you realize your reaction is not posititve be conscious of it and calm down. Yu will be able to cope with so much life will randomly throw in your face.

Your body is also not to be neglected, with that said healthy eating habits are always a must. Cut off sugar snacks and greasy food its ok to consume it once in a while but not daily. These types of food not only make you gain weight but also mentally impact your mood, keeping you at a low vibration. A great tip I can give you is to prepare your healthy snacks prior. When fruit and vegetable are washed and cut and ready to go its makes it easier to grab and go and avoid the unhealthy choices. This type has helped me enormously . Also when finding the time cooking a home cooked meal make extra to take for lunch, avoid spending money and eating out.



Woman have always been self conscious since the beginning of time, from the beauty icon herself Cleopatra to great Marie-Antoinette to todays korean beauty world. The pampering strategies have evolved and we should be so grateful to live in a time full of easy low cost options to self care. The best way to start is a great facial, at home or any spa , any budget will do. Go to your nearest beauty store  and grab a sheet mask and de-stress, feel beautiful thats the key element here. Get your nails done, get that blow-out anything that make you fell good shouldn’t be making you feel guilty. You deserve it and when you feel better you perform even better.

uplifting people


As humans although solitude is often preferred we are social beings. With that said, relationships with others are important especially with friends and family, staying in touch with your loved ones can help you feel good and balanced. To make sure you engage in genuine relationships, keep communications open and recognize signs of toxic behavior — if a person is constantly belittling you and making you feel bad, then cut them out of your life immediately. Stick to positive, uplifting people that make you feel better and brighten up your life, and on your end of the relationship do your best to be kind and supportive in return. Don’t put yourself second find the perfect balance, you need to work on both.

Just remember to put yourself first and do whats best of you in order to take care of your loved ones.

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