Colder weather are upon us, which means you can take out your boot collection. Thats right! long boots, short boots, slouchy boots, uggs…you name it. Needless to say the right pairs of jean pants goes a long way.

Jeans can be tricky, they are naturally thicker than other pants and can have an unflattering effect. So I found this awesome pair or jeans by prettylittlethings Skinny pairs. I honestly love them so much as I can tuck them in my extremely tight or long boots.

When looking for the perfect jeans skinny on the lower bottom is the way to go in order not get that bulky look and also comfort for yourself as well. It can be any wash or shade of blue.

Another great type of jeans to keep an eye out for is the high to mid waist. Reason behind is the complimenting look with your waist line and boots as it creates a more “well put” style , also wear these jeans all season long. Further more If you add a belt around the waist or a fanny pack it give your whole style a hipper fashion.

If your jeans are wider on the bottom they may not be flattering with tight boots or long boots. Also these jeans are great with ankle booties which are also a big trend this year.

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