How to style Biker Shorts


This is the beauty about Fashion Trends, when a specific clothing item made for precise sport or activity “type” of wear becomes a trending flood. First it was Yoga Pants and now its Biker Shorts. I remember in the 90s when I first saw a pair of these cycling garments, Fast forward to two decade later, I never thought I’d be rocking it.

Comfy, Stylish and easy to style, With a T-shirt or a cropped sweater , hey you can even throw on a leather Jacket, the possibilities are endless. DRESSING IT UP WITH A BLAZER is my favorite trend.



OK, lets talk shoes! There are several options, that you can play around when it comes to details. You can wear Cyclist shorts with long heels, which is my favorite way to style it. Another awesome options is vans or any other flat pair of shoes for an everyday comfort and style. From a casual brunch to a night with drink these shorts can be paired for the right occasion.



All in all anything type of conventionel clothing can become a fashion staple and worn in any way imagined. And Comfort makes the trend last longer.


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