How to make Weekends feel Longer

Ever wondered on Sunday night where the weekend has gone ? Seems to be flying by. Luckily Ive gathered some hacks to have a more mindful experience. Even with the same amount of time you can make it seem longer and less rushed.


1.Start with a self pampering time on a Saturday morning. Put a mask on, listen to some new music, do some yoga or even some type of mediation anything to disconnect. Let your mind get off your weekly stress. Let your soul arrive into the weekend in style.


2. Followed by some quick cleaning. Anything from 15 to 20 min during the day. Id say early morning. This will make your week run more smoothly , as well as give you a “feel good” sense all weekend to have things in order.


3. This might sound unfair, but maintain your sleep cycle similar to your everyday weekly time. Sleeping in takes up time and will make you feel lazy. Plus you’ll get to enjoy more day-time as well as less painful and brutal awakening on a Monday. Smooth transition, you’ll be thankful at the beginning of the week. Side note: take a 20 min nap anytime in the after noon, which will give you the boost you need.

4. Go ahead and plan something you enjoy doing. A hike right before that nap. Or meet a friend for a walk and grab some coffee, sit down, enjoy time with family.


5. Don’t forget to plan some downtime for yourself as well. Just a mix of doing nothing, watching a show. This way you will not feel rushed, and can take your moment before you commit to the next activity planned.


6.Do a technology detox, aka let go of your phone. Sunday evening take 2 or 3 hours without scrolling on your phone. Give your arm a break. Helps prevent carpel tunnel.

Mainly just enjoy being in the moment of each activity to make you truly feel you have 3 day weekend instead of 2.


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