A glimpse to my everyday LA Life and Style.

When you live in LA, Traffic becomes a lifestyle, the weather is like paradise everyday  and you’ll quickly realize, there is an alarming number of people spending there time in cafes in Mid-Day business hours. This is due to the concentrated amount of people in the fashion, art, entertainment and other anything but “normal” job pool. The Downtime and seasonal job factors also play into factor. Everyone has not one but many side hustles.

So Does anyone work in this town?” Truth is yes, we all do , but in alternative ways that have this type of freelancing lifestyle.I love being comfortable during the day , yet feel that I’ve expressed myself . Its like casual with a kick. Im comfortable enough to sit in traffic , yet stylish to meet and greet people on a daily basis. As a blogger and event space coordinator I could end up anywhere in LA in a day.


A comfortable low key mustard tee adds comfort and color into my everyday work life.


The Most comfortable “pants” invented . While some argue these aren’t Pants technically, when you purchase good quality leggings that are NOT see through and have a thick high waisted, thicker fabric ,  its wearable as an actual bottom.


Its Fall but hey we live in LA so the peep toe is always an option. Its a great way to spice up the daily outfit, yet be comfortable.

This outfit keeps me going from coffee shop to work daily. Be comfortable, keep your style! Everyday.


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