Beauty Mood Essentials

Elegance Mood

As the warm weather indulges us with its presence, here are some essentials to make us feel Angelicly beautiful.

Lipstick, Weapon of choice

Lipsticks are essential, even vital to the look. Choosing to surround myself with nudes. NAKED, DOLCE & PURE HOLLYWOOD by AnastasiaBeverly hills. They last All day and are gorgeous shades of nudes , might I say Darlings.

Smell of Roses

Dolce and Gabbana does us justice with this baby soft scent « GARDEN ». Hints of warm florals, Frangipani Flower, Coconut Essence, Ylang-Ylang. It is ultimately the plot of heavenly .

Golden Accesories

Accessorizing myself with Gold rings and earrings that are evening looks but wearing them daily, while holding down the romantic style. Keeping it elegant and soft.


This may be the last on this list, but highly important SKINCARE. Ive discovering a new brand that I’ve fallen immediately for pixie beauty skincare line. From cleanser to serum to their moisture stick , its a fresh new output on skin and making it feel pure with great ingredients and new ways of layering your skincare products . Thanks Petra xo

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