How to Layer Skincare Products

Sometimes wanting to apply skincare and makeup together can get tricky. Some products don’t mix well together . So how to layer your skincare? This is primarily a daytime routine of course . When I started my studies in becoming an esthetician I decided to enroll in a Korean beauty college, I had done a lot of research and fell in love with their facial routines as well as understood quickly that they have the best methods and are the most advanced in skincare and any facial enhancement. Honestly I was totally swept away, and adored every minute of it.

Here are the best and right way to layer products onto your skin in the proper order.



  1. PRE-CLEANSE. This includes often an oil based cleanser. My all time favorite product would be the Dermalogica Pre-cleanse with kukui oil and apricot oils. It smells divine and leave your skin feeling immediately refreshed. Removes stubborn makeup and delivers the right amount of oil to combat even oily skin.
  2. CLEANSING. This can be any type of cleanser you use . Im Currently using DrMurad Acne Control clarifying Cleanser  with Salicylic ACID.
  3. EXFOLIATION. Many people don’t know understand how important this actually is. The main function of exfoliating your skin is removing dead epidermal cells  making the skin smoother and pores seem less large. My current Daily Microfoliant with rice from Dermalogica does wonders.
  4. TONER. This guarantees the removal of anything left behind the cleanser and refreshes your skin by balancing out the PH and tightening pores. I have so many favorite toners, Its really a game changer on the skin. From MARIO BADESCU TO DERMALOGICA they’re are quite a few toners out there that are dedicated to better your skin.acs_0224
  5. ESSENCES OR SERUM. This often close to the same thing serum are somewhat more concentrated than essence who hold a light weight product.Mainly active ingredients. Estee Lauder has an incredible one , as well as DERMALOGICA has several serums for different type of skincare needs.
  6. MASK. These are a must! Filled with skin nourishing ingredients , tightening , rejuvenating and brightening. I love masking ! There is literally an never-ending amount of masks out there for each skin type and skin issue. My latest to go products has been Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari baby facial with 25% AHA. It does tingle so if your hyper sensitive choose a different one but I have to say the results are so satisfying.
  7. EYECREAM. Always apply eye cream. Currently obsessing over OLEHENRIKSEN BANANA BRIGHT EYE CREAM. The skin under your eyes is thinner and needs extra care. Can be used as a base while applying concealer and it provides that boost to those dark circles.
  8. SPF. This is extremely important. Sun damages only appear after your 50 but its there just not visible. Be sure to use one that has either zinc oxide OR/AND titanium dioxide.
  9. MOISTURIZER. Alright, I must have over 15 different kinds and I literally use them all according to the weather and geographical location. A little extreme…I know but in my defense skin reacts differently to each element. I also love using thick moisturizer under makeup. Feels good and over all keeps my makeup on the “non cakey” side. xo

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