Daytime Light & Soft is one of my favorite moods and style. Here a my tips and products I use to have that Angelic soft daytime look. Lets start with skin! Honorable mention to GROWN ALCHEMIST Matte Balancing Moisturizer – Acai/Borago Key Ingredients + Benefits: Açaí berries rich in fatty acids, omega’s 3, 6, &Continue reading “DAYTIME ROMANTIC MAKEUP BASICS”

4 popular misbeliefs about fragrances

Humans have always been intrigued by different Aroma’s and smell’s, since the dawn of time from Cleopatra to Marie Antoinette. Being able to manipulate and create different fragrances, colognes and perfumes have become a real trend and passion now a days. Yet we still have arguable mis concepts of these wonder smells. Here are 4Continue reading “4 popular misbeliefs about fragrances”