Life changing habits you need to start today.

Life can be overwhelming at times, thankfully I’ve gathered a few easy habits you can possibly adapt into your lifestyle. These daily tasks will improve and change your life immediately. Let’s dive into it ! 1. Set yourself some daily goals. For example anything small that can be achieved by the end of the dayContinue reading “Life changing habits you need to start today.”

How to make Weekends feel Longer

Ever wondered on Sunday night where the weekend has gone ? Seems to be flying by. Luckily Ive gathered some hacks to have a more mindful experience. Even with the same amount of time you can make it seem longer and less rushed. 1.Start with a self pampering time on a Saturday morning. Put aContinue reading “How to make Weekends feel Longer”


Whether its a spontaneous roaming flow trip , or an event you’ve planned for weeks…We all have been there before, stuck! Needing, wishing a certain something we had packed in our purses. Especially if you love to be prepared. lets start the list: Deodorant; living in LA has its undeniable perks of course, but alsoContinue reading “10 ESSENTIALS TO CARRY IN YOUR PURSE”