Rewiring the Mind

People often say think positive. Think happy thoughts. Don’t think negative thoughts.   In a society where anxiety is at its full toll how can you completely not think negatively ? Everywhere you glance, whether social media, Netflix, peer groups etc…things , ideas, aspects of life that make you think negatively. Bills to pay, moneyContinue reading “Rewiring the Mind”

How to Cultivate Calmness

Everyone is in need of new Methods when it comes to a stress free lifestyle. Here are some helpful tips I’ve adapted threw the years as I continuously learn more. Ive realized how being calm is a superpower. • Try and establish a calm morning ritual instead of starting the day off in a stressfulContinue reading “How to Cultivate Calmness”

10 beneficial ways to prevent anxiety

If your having a hard time dealing with constant worry, stress and possibly panic attacks; this next ones for you . We all know worrying is a complete waste of energy and throws you into a very low frequency. But how do you stop it? I myself worry way to much . I think likeContinue reading “10 beneficial ways to prevent anxiety”