What I’m into this spring

From favorite skincare to daily wear , I’m about to list my at the moment spring faves!

What to wear

As always I’m sticking to nudes this spring . I’m loving Zara new collection as well as Revolve. A few staple pieces goes a long way. Best thing to do is grab some statement pieces and mix and marche all spring . Also a little white one to spice things up! I’m really loving the Kim Crawford affordable yet boogie!

A must have cardigan

Let’s talk skincare ! Just discovered 2 new amazing products I love to share !

Aesop : hand balm

Why settle for regular hand cream when you can get the queen! This amazing balm is not only notes of mandarin and rosemary tickling your nose but extra moisturize.

Josie Maran : Argan oil

Smells like heaven! You skin needs this , great way to deal with the dry weather without making it too oily .

Foster Lab : Anti-tech serum

Protects against blue light ( yes your cell phone included ) and repairs damages caused by environmental pollution ! A must oh my need to try .

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