WHAT IS IT ? If I said free will or destiny which would you be more prone to feel in your core? Do you believe each event in our lives is predestined? Like our path already decided, our whole story written like a novel and no matter what we do we will end up exactly how it was preset. Or… do you believe you have an unwritten journey , a blank piece of paper, guided by freewill as you may change your future at any moment? If yes, then what about faith or destiny? Do you believe in whats meant to be will be?

Here is my attempt to explain; The following is merely a point of view, well my point of view, that I have cultivated through out my journey, based on past experiences , life lessons , readings, research and other spiritual connections and synchronicity. I also, not too long ago visited a Scared Ground in California called Mount Shasta, where I was able to connect to my higher self,  seeking answers and downloaded a few interesting informations. Mainly answer to questions I’ve been asking myself for a few years.


Before we are born , prior to arrival into this world , and before we start our journey into the maze of life, our soul self acknowledges and assembles with other significant spirits and souls who help us plan out the journey of life. These entities often soul families part take in the decision making of specific details in our life on earth. For example, who will your parents be? your family ? life partner, children and other events that must be completed in your lifetime on earth. We can all agree this sounds like your destiny is , somewhat predestined.

Once the core , or base of the “purpose” has been decided the gaps in between can be filled by your choices and freewill. Lets make this even easier. Pretend when you are born into this world you enter some kind of a complex maze. The End of the maze represents your final destination, aka death, and in between the paths, ways, and roads of the maze are your major life events already predetermined. Although the trip to each life event is 100% determined by you. The amount of time you take to arrive, the road you take can be changed several times. And that right there is freewill.


As you approach these events, threw instincts and premonitions truthfully you are guided by your soul families , past ancestors and other entities. At times , when we don’t trust our gut , or we become fearful and uncomfortable we end up in the wrong corner,  or a dead end far from our upcoming life event and this quickly becomes a lesson or detour. On this detour you encounter, strangers, friends, co-workers. Also your guides and higher-self will help with clues, intuition , number sequences, conflict and what ever else they can do to push you in the right direction.acs_0198

So in other words at any time if you are not satisfied with the direction your heading in the maze you may change it. You have the power to do so. You can take a different path to achieve your destined event stop. Clearly you have the final say on how, when and with who you arrive to the event, somewhat kind of like real life. When psychics or medium predict your future they are merely sensing the up coming event. The path you choose to take in order to arrive is 100% up to you. In the end you decide how you get to your final destination, on a boat by foot or by car or even a helicopter ! also you arrive at each life event with different memories, and of course with different type of lessons learned.

Your ambition and intuition will take you where you need to be. Trust it fully.



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