How to Glow up your life

This isn’t your regular how to GLOW UP. Why? Well because this is more than just the physical aspect of glowing up. If you really want to shine the best you can you need to glow in every feature of your life. Its not just about highlighters and makeup to project the “glow up” look. Its everything that effects your life inside and out. Ive gathered some awesome tips on how to glow up your life. READY?!


Lets start by decluttering your material life. Lift some weight off.


cleaning out your closet with items that no longer serve you , DONATE IT! shoes, clothing,jewelry , hats, scarves….i mean everything you no longer use.

Go threw your phone photos, apps, documents, games and also tablet, DELETE DELETE DELETE

clean up all your makeups, get ride of old dried ones. Buy or Replace ONLY if needed.

Get rid of Paper bills go paperless , statements, documents, SHREAD IT .


Make a vision board with any goal you’d like to acheive. Career/family/adventure/friends

Invest in eating healthier, drinking more water, add fruit or vegetables to your daily diet. Make one new healthy meal a week.

wake up 15min earlier for a walk around the block or stretch at home. Yoga videos are also great.

Less screen time, phone,tablet, computer, try to cut an hour less per day. And make more time for yourself.


Buy one piece of clothing a month that represents who you are now. Confident and beautiful.

Find a icon or celeb that styles themselves to your favorite looks for daily inspiration.

Stick to your SKINCARE routine. I mean it!!! Night time skincare is a must.

Do a hair and face mask once a week. DIY OR BUY

One daily positive comment to yourself and one to a person around you. JUST TRY!

Get a pedicure once a month. YOUR FEET NEED IT.

Make a feel good playlist. Music is a great go to outlet in any situation.

Make a happy jar. Write down things that make you happy each time. Go threw the jar when your down and read some happy stuff.

Do a nice full face makeup just because you feel like it!

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