Friday simple and stylish OOTD.

Its finally Friday and everyones excited! I often feel like Friday outfits need some extra love. Usually, Im running around and getting a bunch of work done, as well as getting ready for the weekend, but it seems like at some point I always end up at dinner or drinks with a friend by the end of the evening. Often heading home to change makes me lazy and unmotivated to go out….So I love to pair a casual attire with a chic touch to avoid setbacks. And here is how I do it;


So as I run my 10 million errands, I love being comfortable and stylish. For fall my go to tops are mostly comfy bodysuits.Great waist line exposure and I love how they feel, perfect day and night wear. The top I have is from forever21.

Next on the list is jeans , I love denim , it always comes threw as trendy and comfortable wear. These are my prettylittlethings denims I love to live in.Truly obsessed! I always pair it with a basic stylish Vans flats are must during the day you can always have a back up pair of heels in the car for a night out. No worries.


When friday greets me with a day lunch and night drinks I always come prepared. This suit jacket from nasty gal always comes threw. I usually keep it in the car or by my side and quickly transform my outfit into a more sophisticated chic glance.

You can also add more accessories , like a chic belt or some gorgeous earrings that turn your day wear to night wear instantly. Don’t be shy to mix and match casual and chic items along the way. There are no rules to fashion! Always remember.

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