Must Have Beauty Travel kit

Needless to say traveling can take a toll on you and your skin. So how do Models, actors and celebrities look flawless with a constant travel schedule? Here is a hint; masks!!! They are truly revolutionary for on the go lifestyle. Even if its a weekend getaway its perfect to leave your face looking relaxed.

who doesn’t love watermelon!!!

Traveling makes it difficult to keep up with your skincare routine. Therefore sheet masks are life savers. GLOW RECIPE has some of the best ones. They are a Korean skincare company with loads of goodies. This is my favorite watermelon jelly sheet mask & the pink juice moisturizer! 

I always grab a few at Sephora and keep them for travels , affordable and effective. As soon as I land and arrive at my accommodation, I get ready to mask before I head out to dinner or an event.

bags under eyes aren’t designer

The most damage travel causes is a lack of sleep, I personally can’t sleep on a plane even if my life depended on it, most of the times this causes nasty under eye circles and bags. Even staying top late and enjoying the traveled city has its down side. Best things to do is under eye gels! This can save a life or two. My go to is currently by patchology flash patch rejuvenated eye gels. I buy a couple and stash them for travels even if its a weekend up north. Its a anytime perk me up!

lips are important too

Even if lip masking isn’t as popular, we can’t neglect our powt! While traveling lips can get Chappy and dry. This is one of my all time favorite. I apply it right before I do my makeup. Kocostar ROSE lip mask. Another Korean brand with adorable packaging and style. A quick fix to have your lips plumped and kissable! xoxo

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