How to layer your face masks

Who doesn’t love masking? If you can’t make it to a spa, I recommend masking at home. To get that powerful beauty parlor skin treatment . Once a week I replenish my skin and rescue it from daily stress, outside elements, make residue and other skin damaging factors.

But why use only one mask when you can mix them up and get turbo results. This mask mix is not suitable for sensitive skin . Better safe than Sorry! 

skincare routine

First things first start with a cleanser , I recommend the Ceramic Slip from SundayRiley as its gentile plant based and is a great base to begin. Go ahead and cleanse your face with luke warm water. Tap dry with a towel.

Start off with 3 pumps of Drunk Elephant T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial, fair warning this has 25% AHA so it will tingle, make sure your skin can take it. Mix in Dermalogica multivitamin power recovery masque of their age smart line. Squeeze out a generous amount, mix the 2 products in a bowl and apply on to your face with a brush preferably.


Keep the mask on for 20-25 min. Pro-tip; while masking your face , this is the perfect time to mask your lips. Yes! lips! Im in love with the new product from LA NEIGE, sleeping lip mask. A small amount to sooth your lips from everyday factors.

Products that improve your skin immediately

Lastly rinse it all off and don’t forget to apply moisturizer. I recommend this mask mix for night time or a day you won’t have to wear heavy makeup, since the results are amazing and your skin will glow naturally.

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