Ultimate Fall Staple pieces to have

As we look forward to fall and its accommodations, its best to have a few stylish staple pieces that you can mix and match all month long. Gets your creativity going on coming up with fashionable ways. A few items of great quality that will last even up until winter. Lets start with Bottoms up!



CHUCKS VS RETRO VANS The question on everyones mind, converse or vans? I say BOTH! Get yourself one of each. Converse is a Timeless classic look and Vans are sturdy and good looking. Both match any type of fall outfit and add the exact amount of distress needed to the whole OOTD keeping it retro.


SIDE STRIPPED TROUSERS These are a must fall piece. Versatile for work or play, comfy and thick for a slight change in temperature. These ones I got are from Zara they are such great quality and the side stripe gives it more character and makes it fun. Oh and did I mention gives my curves the support needed.


MENS WOOL BLAZER Ive been rockin the blazer style for years but this new one i found from Zara gives it  more mature yet fun style. Elbow patch details are my favorite. I insisted on the beige color to have the option to match it with , black pants , jeans even a skirt.



These lovely pieces will be the best base added to your wardrobe . You can always mix and match and even add your own spice to it. The main idea is to invest in base items with quality that can fit both the working world as well as what ever you do for fun.











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