The Formula to never giving up on your Dreams

Don’t give up ON YOUR DREAMS. We always hear this, everywhere. Easier said than done RIGHT? believe me, I know. When I say dreams, I also include; goals, visions, desires,plans and purpose. Chasing your life dreams can be scary and extremely difficult at times.The struggle can be real! Currently still in the early stages of chasing my own dreams and goals. I’ve grasp a very small glimpse of it and tasted a teaser, yet I’m still pursuing the biggest chunk of it all. Along the road we all encounter times when the feeling of giving up arises. Of course, its only human to feel this way with the vast world around us. Somehow, I always managed to jump back on track, to stay inspired, to keep pushing and not to give up. Along the way I’ve developed a few strong strategies for when the invasion of discouragement and unattainability fills my mind and thoughts, so I’m more than happy to share my tips with you.


DONT BELIEVE DREAMS ARE UNACHIEVABLE  Naturally, if your chasing your dreams at some point you felt that they where completely unachievable. Several factors come into play of making you think this. You tried and failed. you tried a second time and failed again. And again and again…! Followed by the feeling of unworthy, lack of skills or vision. This is entirely normal, It will pass, the trick is to remember how far you’ve come from your initial attempt. From the day you started until now. I often remind myself of this when the feeling of unachievable haunts me. I start recapping on my journey and how I reached this point. Also another tip is to sit down , take a pen and start breaking down your dream into smaller goals which are more achievable inch by inch. Perhaps start with weekly acheivements, bi-weekly, monthly or even yearly. Even better start with today, anything that can bring you closer towards the weekly end goals, monthly end goals and so on and so forth. Let’s go as far as breaking up your goals into even smaller pieces of tasks to do If you need to. The possibilities are limitless. Looking too far or at the big vision itself can be overwhelming and not to mention discouraging. Because every inch of progress counts, Be aware you are an inch closer to achieving your dreams.

COMPARISON IS A VIRUS Like any type of virus, once you catch it, It will infest your entire mind and slowly or quickly eat you from the inside out. Harsh, I know, but… this is the truth. So like any type of disease you need a mental vaccine to be introduced into your mindset.  Let me explain, “the vaccine” is a mental training in order not to compare yourself to others. If you are pro active on your own mindset nothing can penetrate threw to harm you. Others achievements do not define you. Its like the pregnant lady, everyones congradulates her, but no one really knows how many times she got screwed to finally get there. A little extreme but you get the point. They’re journey isn’t the same as yours, no ones is, it may seem like it but each individual has a specific detail another does not. Also no one shows their failures.Another very crucial factor is to surround yourself with others who are entirely uplifting mindset, friends or family who support towards your vision and contribute your inspiration as oppose to surroundings that compete and compare and make you feel less valuable.Anyone who does not support you with your dreams must be cut off! BYE.


STAY BUSY FOCUSING ON THE NEXT Remember those smaller pieces of tasks, or steps we previously talked about? Well stay focused on the next piece of the puzzle , plan it , organize it , envision it and even get inspired towards it, you won’t have time to think of giving up. You’ll be entirely busy and steering away from the negativity with 60 miles an hour winds pushing you to the opposite direction and closer to the dream. Woohoo! Which will grow you at a rapid speed and still of course, interested and inspired to keep pushing harder to the next level or stage of your goals.

CELEBRATE AND REWARD YOURSELF ON ACHIEVEMENTS No achievement is too small or big to celebrate or even reward. This is rule number one I learned. Truthfully why this is a good strategy is because it motivates you 1000% to stay in the game. You work hard and play hard as they say. This balances out the hard work and puts into perspective the bigger vision and how close your getting. As well as rewarding yourself and celebration small achievements can be beneficial on a motivational level as well as on stepping up your game.


So take a moment to regroup and don’t allow the wholeness to daunt you. Follow your heart and passion in whatever it may be. Always keep moving forward. Reach for the starts with small steps. Just like all else, dreams grow when you feed them. Make sure to nourish them with the right energy.


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