Timeless Items That Always Remain Chic

For most people the classic look is the best look. Especially, if you are uncertain of the type of occasion you’ll be attending you can always count on the ying and yang to fall into the expected dress code. The timeless black and white look is always an upscale feel. Chic, timeless and convenient on many levels. The contrast color combo is an absolute necessity in your wardrobe and will always remain in style time after time. You will be impressed of the several different uses you alone will get. Of course comfort and appeal is taken into consideration as always. These pants have a very simple look, they are thin and stylish. NO zipper just a tie front gives your waste line a great shape. Must take into consideration of the material, great quality material will last longer and look prestige.



Paired with a simple white fitted T-shirt, or any type of white crop top.

To add that “not that serious ” look yet remaining elegant and chic. Walking in the streets with comfort and style is the best way to present yourself for a day meeting and grab a quick drink during happy hour with this outfit.




Bonus pro tip: If your mildly conscious about your figure like me,  Its always better to go with upper white color block and lower black color block.


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