Tropical Cappuccino Delight

Mid-End July, its getting tropical out here with blistering heat. With that being said what to wear in order to feel light and comfortable is my main focus nowadays when the temperature hits above 100. Im leaning towards thin go with the flow pants and bodysuits made of cooling complementary materials, combined with light crochet tops.



As for the color , my soul craves cappuccino and shades of tan. These fades and shades bring out the best in my dark features.


Alright shoes ; Flats are what I’m usually in, Comfort comes first in the high temperature feels. I still want to be able to walk outside and show off my pedi, yet be stylish and pleasantly Delighted! Nevertheless , if I’m not at an event or a night out in the city. Comfort comes first, since I try to walk daily.




ShadesofNatalee ♥

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