How to achieve great legs

How to achieve smooth & sexy Legs

If your like me …a total klutz at times constantly scraping or bruising your legs this ones for you!

Summer is right around the corner. Also when you live somewhere that shorts are permitted 24 hours a day…listen up.

1. Use a gel or rich cream based shaving duo.Makes your legs softer and more moisturized as you shave.

2. Exfoliate your legs with coffee & coconut oil works wonders .While in the shower, scrub your scars or ingrown’s away.

3.Tighten up! The two of the best exercises to keep your legs sexy & fit are weighted side kicks & plank kicks. The tighter you keep it the better it looks.

4. Rush less , take your time in tight spots to avoid bruises and table corners , “Nicks” on your legs take longer to heal and scar much easier since the circulation is slower in your legs.

5.Moisturize, moisturize….and moisturize !!!! I can’t say this enough after each shower, moisturize yourself with rick cream or oil, also before bedtime is also a must.

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