5 Must Have Flawless Foundations

Foundation has come a long way threw out the years. We can even say there is a revolution from glow to faux filter the options are infinite.Brands now haveĀ 30 or 40 shades or more. They are including blur factors to sunscreen to promisingĀ full coverage. As we truly see we’ve come a long way. So hereContinue reading “5 Must Have Flawless Foundations”


Whether its a spontaneous roaming flow trip , or an event you’ve planned for weeks…We all have been there before, stuck! Needing, wishing a certain something we had packed in our purses. Especially if you love to be prepared. lets start the list: Deodorant; living in LA has its undeniable perks of course, but alsoContinue reading “10 ESSENTIALS TO CARRY IN YOUR PURSE”