Friday simple and stylish OOTD.

Its finally Friday and everyones excited! I often feel like Friday outfits need some extra love. Usually, Im running around and getting a bunch of work done, as well as getting ready for the weekend, but it seems like at some point I always end up at dinner or drinks with a friend by theContinue reading “Friday simple and stylish OOTD.”


Colder weather are upon us, which means you can take out your boot collection. Thats right! long boots, short boots, slouchy boots, uggs…you name it. Needless to say the right pairs of jean pants goes a long way. Jeans can be tricky, they are naturally thicker than other pants and can have an unflattering effect.Continue reading “THE PERFECT JEANS FIT FOR ANY BOOTS”

How to style Biker Shorts

  This is the beauty about Fashion Trends, when a specific clothing item made for precise sport or activity “type” of wear becomes a trending flood. First it was Yoga Pants and now its Biker Shorts. I remember in the 90s when I first saw a pair of these cycling garments, Fast forward to twoContinue reading “How to style Biker Shorts”