Los Angeles Fashion week

For the first time this year I was invited by a designer to LAFW. Incredibly exciting as local designers show us what they created . The venue was incredible at the famous Petersen Automotive Museum. A mix of cars and fashion had everyone in modern eclectic yet elegant mood. So I decided to take you guys along . Check out my Vlog and pls subscribe ! Xo

LAFW video Vlog

Soft Dreamy Mood Essentials

At the risk of sounding too sentimental, I really love and enjoy being in my daydreamer mood. After all dreams are holy palaces. The Soft Inspiration and hopeful feels. Best part is dreamy Mood is timeless. Hooray for that!

So… I’ve gathered a few favorite essential items that are perfect for any moment you desire and want to jump into the dreamy mood. A few facts come to play while choosing these angelic products; Clean, Soft and minimal. All you need is Mist, Charm, Grace and Sweet Flows.

Angel Mist Must

EvenPrimeandco introduces their soothing face mist. It truly is next generation skincare from packaging to actual product results. After all angels need mists too. With its graceful factors of alcohol-free soothes instantly and tones stressed skin while reducing the appearance of large pores. Rich in Galactomyces, a nutrient-dense byproduct of fermented sak√©; fortified with powerful vitamins and antioxidants derived from Centella Asiatica (Cica), Kakadu Plum and Sea Buckthorn.

The Smell of Charm

If Charming would be a scent it would most definitely be CORAL . Gracing us with heavenly Aroma’s and Clean hypoallergenic ingredients. Coral by SKYLAR is a cruelty free happiness booster. A perfect blend of Black current, Patchouli and Sandalwood. Coral gives us all the feels with , it’s flirty, floral and fruity Charm. Skylar also believes in being conscious of what we put on our bodies, especially fragrances that stay on our skin all day, that is what makes this fragrance brand stand out from others. Bringing your senses right into a mesmerizing sunshine happy feel. Perfect size to fit in your daily purse.

Internal Beauty Grace

You know what they say beauty is within. Literally you can eat your beautiness away. KALUMI Beauty Bars are full 12g dose of marine collagen to support hydrated, glowing skin, plus age-defying antioxidants essential. Helping get into the Mood of healthy hair, nails and skin.


Soft Sweet Smile

Sweet Violet de-stress and feel free. Pathology gives us a great reason to smile. Treated and aromatherapy for dry, chapped lips, mood patch lip care is everything you need for sweet kisses and a dreamy mindset.

How To Rest Without Sleeping

When you think of rest, you think of Sleep or probably laying down, Am I right?! Well what if I told you there are other ways to unwind and feel rested. Whats important to understand is “resting” should also be directed to MIND, BODY & SOUL.

TIME AWAY.Sometimes, getting away from reality for a little while can be very relieving! Either traveling or even a Stay-cation AKA staying in the city but spending the night in hotel can actually help soothes and relax.

SOMETHING UNPRODUCTIVE. Serioulsy, It helps with unwinding. Catching up on your favorite shows or Just listening to music, and doing absolutely nothing.FUN

CONNECTION TO ART AND NATURE. Without a doubt taking a hike threw nature can be so relaxing. Even making some DIY art, some drawing, some coloring, hey even painting ! Great for the mind and thoughts.

SOLITUDE TO RECHARGE.Sometimes , being alone is a safe space is just what you need. Either at home or anywhere else you can completely be vulnerable.

SOUL STILLNESS.In a world that functions on a “GO-GO” motto, captivating stillness is essential. Yoga, meditation or even sitting by a body of water in all stillness.