Discover Effortless T-shirt Style

Summer is here! Sedonian Sun raise in DTLA. The Arts district is the perfect place to take a stroll, be inspired and strut some fashion vibes. In order to do a lot of exploring and remain comfortable and stylish can be challenging. I suggest the perfect efforthless T-shirt and layback pair of jeans for a day full of Art, Rustic vibes and vibrant colors. Casual yet chic is the right mindset.

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10 beneficial ways to prevent anxiety

If your having a hard time dealing with constant worry, stress and possibly panic attacks; this next ones for you . We all know worrying is a complete waste of energy and throws you into a very low frequency. But how do you stop it? I myself worry way to much . I think like most things in life, it takes practice to make it into a real habit of positive thinking and healthy mindset. You have to rewire your brain and that takes some time. But it starts with a decision. To no longer allow what’s in between your ears to have control over your mood, your day and your life. There’s always a “what if “ and if you keep living in what if, you are no longer living. You are existing. Take worrying seriously, like it’s a disease that’s taking your life. Tap into your spirit. Connect to your body. Breathe. Be here.

10 best ways to prevent

  1. YOGA or any exercise.img_6297
  2. Meditation Deep Breathing
  4. Comedy Movies
  5. Listen to music you love
  6. Saging or Palo Santo
  7. Going to bed Early for good sleep. No electronics around.
  8. taking a Salt bath or bubble.
  9. Concentrate being in the moment.
  10. Coloring/painting…anything!


These Tips can also help with panic attacks caused by Anxiety! The key notion to keep in mind is not to worry, since its unnecessary . If you do encounter an episode of a panic attack steps 2,3,5 and 6 are especially for you! Always put your sanity priority. Health & Happiness go hand in hand.

Lastly, Don’t forget to give yourself credit for the days you’ve made it when you thought you couldn’t .


Best Summer Skincare Routine

Skincare changes a little bit when the summer breeze and air flows in. Skin can be easily irritated from sudden change and elements. Here are a few helpful tips to keep your skin sane and makeup flawless!



  • Rule number one; layer your skincare. Yes, layer your makeup as well. Reason being this is to protect your skin from summer dust, heat and pollution in the air.
  • Apply face mist aka Toner, or any type of water mist. Let completely dry, proceed with SPF 30 followed by your favorite foundation. The thinner the better in this case. Also the SPF can act as a moisturizer as well. Re-spray some mist when your done applying your full makeup !
  • use a gel or lightweight cleanser. Unlike winter weather , in the summer time you want to wash your face with something less thick in liquid and leaving It feeling fresh and of course ultra new, Also it overpowers the hot flashes, arming you with endurance for your skin.
  • use a clay mask weekly, you’ll need to clean your face more often and purify it with masks in the summer against heat, pollution,smog,dust or whatever else is coming your way.


The Summer Glow Guide how to get the mix


OILS: Rosehip oil gives you instant results of that plump effect. Just a few drops is all you need. Tea tree oil gives you that cooling effect and reduces unwanted acne or inflammation with its antiseptic properties.

H2O→ of course I had to put this here. Water is so important drink as much as you can especially in the summer time.

SPF: Glow with a protected tan. Minimum recommended for your face would be 30 Spf if not more.