The perfect skin goal

The perfect skin, does it exist ? One things for sure it’s on all of our minds ! You want it , I want it , heck everyone wants it ! I think the key aspect is maintaining a healthy skin and getting in your weekly mask/scrubs to help with texture, pores, uneven skin tone …

Here are some of my favorite masks/ scrubs I’ve come to love through the years ! Some new and some old.

Texture is everything

Let’s start with scrubs ; my all time favorite is when they have sugar in them . Why sugar ? Well, it’s simple, sugar melts easily as is less abrasive for your skin . Fresh beauty has an awesome strawberry one and so does clarinsusa love them both. Next everyone heard of the benefits of Mud! Pixi beauty has the mud mask for your pores ! Another one I can relive without is the GMcollin vitamine cocktail mask gives my skin the perfect boost when it’s feeling ugly and dull , I use it a few times a week , whenever I feel like my akin needs the pick me upper. Lastly I always have a tube of bio clarity brightening and exfoliating mask handy, it does both at the same time and saves me loads of time !

Comfy and Cozy IN OUTWEAR

Its that time of the year, bundle up! Depending on where you live you can customize certain outwear pieces and keep rotating your diverse style.Yet keeping it fashion is always a thought on my mind! Comfy and cozy in outwear is a must. How do I go about choosing my staple pieces?

Here are a few ideas :

I always look for neutral colors and designs thats a first. Then I tend to do a variation between short jackets and long, this gives me a variety. A teddy coat s a must, its super cozy and stylish, short or long does the trick. Another one I love is a Thick flannel, lately I’ve seen them everywhere and they are great staple pieces for your closet.

Relentless Self-Love on a DAILY

Needless to say 2020 has failed us all in one way or another. With that said, even if the world is falling apart it does not mean you have to go down as well. If your grounded in who you are and let go of all attachement to any outcome, life will lead you where you need to be.


Prioritize the people that matter. The people who bring you up the most, give you guidance, a sense of belonging.Having a social supportive network of people is extremely important.

Accept your body. Yes, how cliche… but yet so important, remember you can always improve your body, time and dedication are key. love yourself. be grateful especially if your health is top notch.

Taking care of your mental health, need sleep? Do it. Whatever it takes for you to be mentally stable. Deal with your emotions, cry scream Whatever it takes really. Healing takes time.


-Not always being available. Take a raincheck. If your not feeling it then decline invitations at any time. There is no obligation always remember that. Your mental or physical health is always priority.

-Taking your time. Sometimes whether your at work or asked to help out, its ok not to be able to finish a task quickly. Do not pressure yourself, especially if your not up for it physically.

-Not to have all the answer. After all your only human, its fine not o be able to find a solution right away.