How To Rest Without Sleeping

When you think of rest, you think of Sleep or probably laying down, Am I right?! Well what if I told you there are other ways to unwind and feel rested. Whats important to understand is “resting” should also be directed to MIND, BODY & SOUL.

TIME AWAY.Sometimes, getting away from reality for a little while can be very relieving! Either traveling or even a Stay-cation AKA staying in the city but spending the night in hotel can actually help soothes and relax.

SOMETHING UNPRODUCTIVE. Serioulsy, It helps with unwinding. Catching up on your favorite shows or Just listening to music, and doing absolutely nothing.FUN

CONNECTION TO ART AND NATURE. Without a doubt taking a hike threw nature can be so relaxing. Even making some DIY art, some drawing, some coloring, hey even painting ! Great for the mind and thoughts.

SOLITUDE TO RECHARGE.Sometimes , being alone is a safe space is just what you need. Either at home or anywhere else you can completely be vulnerable.

SOUL STILLNESS.In a world that functions on a “GO-GO” motto, captivating stillness is essential. Yoga, meditation or even sitting by a body of water in all stillness.

Mid Summer Beauty Essence

It has arrived warm weather and magical Air. The mood these summer months put me in is very soft and lovely. Ive gathered a few beauty products that are summer worthy and can deal with scorching heat .


I stumbled upon a great cleanser from IT COSMETICS. This will give you the confidence you are looking for in your skin. It’s also for all skin types so that’s a bonus, with anti-aging properties as well as light feeling and smelling fresh.


In the midst of hot weather hair needs extra care. We all want to enjoy beach day without exposing our hair to severe heat damage. The heat is damage enough. Currently obsessed with ION Color Defense™ Shampoo gentle for color-treated hair and offering heat protecting from styling and environmental damage. Find It at your local Sally’s or salon.


Because who wants chappy lips am I right ?! If your staying out in the sun for a while this summer mix some spf 30 into your favorite lipstick. A darker skin and a Pink lip is gorgeous. In other case you can simply mix in a serum or a type of oil in your favorite lip color.


Lastly matter what or where you end up , always ask for a cup of water to stay hydrated and glow.

Summer Boho Chic Details

Warm breeze, lasting heatwaves and long summer nights. Its all here! Summer outfits are mostly exciting but jewelry can truly compliment ones mood and appearance, giving you that extra glow and radiance.

I had the privilege to discover an amazing boho chic brand ARIA LATTNER. The quality , the unique pieces, stones and details of her collection are truly mystical . Quickly turning you into a goddess.

The Crescent end wrap has multiple uses, from bracelet to necklace to waist piece.

The Quartz point statement earrings are a true necessity for any goddess.