Social species with major anxiety

Your anxiety is lying to you.

Your depression is lying to you.

Your addiction is lying to you.


For those experiencing anxiety or extremely low mood, the one thing you want is for it all to just stop. You feel like you can’t achieve anything or be anyone until that happens. So we hide away and shut ourselves off. You’ll get am invite to an invite and ask yourself, oh my how will I make it threw. What I’ve found most valuable, threw my experience and journey of living with anxiety is realizing that improvement can be incremental and that human connection is the way out of suffering.

Call up a dear friend. Whenever you feel like the word is against you call up that one friend, the one thats your ride or die. Talk to them NO MATTER THE DISTANCE!

Face to face contact. On a medical or science point of view, if you come into contact face to face with another human your body releases oxytocin, which increases levels of trust, and it lowers your cortisol levels, so it lowers your stress. Even if a short meet up for coffee or grab some lunch.

Volunteer at your favorite charity or organization. As humans we are compassionate beings, and when we care for one another it helps soothe our pain and suffering. When you come into contact with the needy you help yourself by releasing compassion and receiving love and appreciation.

Get close to an animal. Animals are amazing creatures and they can help with anxiety. If you already have a type of pet just sending 20 min can change your state of mind. If you don’t have a pet you can also visit a friend who has one or a farm, ranch with horses, if a zoo that lets you pet the animals.

All in all don’t let anxiety lead your life. When it appears like an old friend , takeout to coffee or a zoo and then part your ways with it and get back into your life.


Does too much Stress initiate Acne ?

So you get into a skincare routine, and all is well. Seems like smooth sailing. All of a sudden, an uninvited visiter takes over your skincare regimen and breakouts happen. You haven’t changed your diet or skincare products, so what is going on? Come to think of it you’ve probably had a stressful day, week or even month. Does too much stress keep your acne company? you what they say about misery who loves company…

When your an adult, Stress is the main cause of acne. Stress actually interferes with your hormones and throws them off completely. Bummer I feel you!

Stress increases oil production in skin. Basically you being a nerve reck over life causes your pores to clog, which leads to breakouts of course. This is because of a stress hormone called cortisol, it litterally rises. Too much oil can actually “trick” the skin into thinking it’s dehydrated because water can’t reach the surface. So lets all try to come down.

Stress can cause Acne Scars. Most people when they are in a stressful situation, start to self destroy. They bite their nails and pick at their face. If there is a Acne scar trying to heal, don’t pick at it. If you have a pimple , don’t try to pop it either. This may cause scarring of the tissue.

Stress causes Acne to flares up within hours. Say you already have a minor breakout on your face, something stressful happens and all of a sudden your Acne just starts flaring up, sometimes it can even grow your pimple within hours. Scary I know. This is caused by the tiny receptors we all have in our skin cells. Thats why cooling down is quite important.


Stress is of course inevitable at times, so in case you are in a stressing situation use some of these types so cool off.


Aloe Vera: 100% pure Aloe vera will help with any type of inflammation caused by stress. Use it as often as needed.

Stick to your routine: Although it will seem like your skincare routine has let you down, just keep at it, it helps heal and clarify your skin.

You time: Don’t forget to dedicate that time you need during the day to cool off. The best way is to do some yoga and or even meditate. This will work wonders not only for the skin but your entire body as well.

Lastly don’t touch your face, your hands are full of daily germs. So keep them away from you face.

How to style Biker Shorts


This is the beauty about Fashion Trends, when a specific clothing item made for precise sport or activity “type” of wear becomes a trending flood. First it was Yoga Pants and now its Biker Shorts. I remember in the 90s when I first saw a pair of these cycling garments, Fast forward to two decade later, I never thought I’d be rocking it.

Comfy, Stylish and easy to style, With a T-shirt or a cropped sweater , hey you can even throw on a leather Jacket, the possibilities are endless. DRESSING IT UP WITH A BLAZER is my favorite trend.



OK, lets talk shoes! There are several options, that you can play around when it comes to details. You can wear Cyclist shorts with long heels, which is my favorite way to style it. Another awesome options is vans or any other flat pair of shoes for an everyday comfort and style. From a casual brunch to a night with drink these shorts can be paired for the right occasion.



All in all anything type of conventionel clothing can become a fashion staple and worn in any way imagined. And Comfort makes the trend last longer.