Night time skincare routine

SKINCARE is extremely important and should be practiced everyday, but WHEN you do it is also as important, as they say, timing is everything! If you have everyday skin challenges on top of a busy schedule and barely have time for yourself this is the perfect skincare routine for you. Which comes at the endContinue reading “Night time skincare routine”

How to Layer Skincare Products

Sometimes wanting to apply skincare and makeup together can get tricky. Some products don’t mix well together . So how to layer your skincare? This is primarily a daytime routine of course . When I started my studies in becoming an esthetician I decided to enroll in a Korean beauty college, I had done aContinue reading “How to Layer Skincare Products”

5 Must Have Flawless Foundations

Foundation has come a long way threw out the years. We can even say there is a revolution from glow to faux filter the options are infinite.Brands now haveĀ 30 or 40 shades or more. They are including blur factors to sunscreen to promisingĀ full coverage. As we truly see we’ve come a long way. So hereContinue reading “5 Must Have Flawless Foundations”