Reset yourself & Relaunch

When life becomes overwhelming you need to Push the rest button. Recharging the mind, body & soul. YOU MAY WATER OTHERS’ ROOTS, BUT DONT FORGET TO WATER YOUR OWN AS WELL. YOU DESERVE TO BLOOM JUST AS MUCH AS ANYONE ELSE. It is Most important to detach yourself from your thoughts… Relax your physical body.Continue reading “Reset yourself & Relaunch”

Rewiring the Mind

People often say think positive. Think happy thoughts. Don’t think negative thoughts.   In a society where anxiety is at its full toll how can you completely not think negatively ? Everywhere you glance, whether social media, Netflix, peer groups etc…things , ideas, aspects of life that make you think negatively. Bills to pay, moneyContinue reading “Rewiring the Mind”


Mindset & Lifestyle : your mind uses it’s likes and dislikes to portray everything. Ultimately you have the power to decide if your cup is half full or half empty. The mindset that dominates becomes your mental box. You value only what your mind likes, and of course you criticize what your mind dislikes. AfterContinue reading “ROSE VS CONCRETE : MINDSET”