Whether its a spontaneous roaming flow trip , or an event you’ve planned for weeks…We all have been there before, stuck! Needing, wishing a certain something we had packed in our purses. Especially if you love to be prepared. lets start the list: Deodorant; living in LA has its undeniable perks of course, but alsoContinue reading “10 ESSENTIALS TO CARRY IN YOUR PURSE”

Malibu Coast with Style & Vitals

This fashion trend is a fresh air of vintage passion. With loads of color and accesories  Exquiste sky, sunny days and beautiful Malibu beaches. If you’ve visited Malibu, California you know how breath taking the coast can possibly be. The rocky edge has spectacular scenery.   The musts: light blue short shorts from H &Continue reading “Malibu Coast with Style & Vitals”

7 LA Hikes with Views

Living in LA definitly has its perks, especially if your big on outdoors and hiking. We literally have the most astonishing views and hikes only as little as 25 min drive away. Now thats something to be grateful for. 1. Grotto Cave Malibu Me and the hubby actually made a video of this full hike!Continue reading “7 LA Hikes with Views”