Life changing habits you need to start today.

Life can be overwhelming at times, thankfully I’ve gathered a few easy habits you can possibly adapt into your lifestyle. These daily tasks will improve and change your life immediately. Let’s dive into it !

1. Set yourself some daily goals. For example anything small that can be achieved by the end of the day . Such as getting your weekly groceries or cleaning out that drawer you’ve been saying you would . These small goals allow you to feel accomplished and move you towards bigger goals in life .

2. Self care night once a week! I’m a huge skincare junkie so this is top on my list of priorities. If skincare isn’t really really your forte this is a great way to incorporate and relax at least once a week in the evenings. I usually do a fun mask and grab my favorite serum . Your skin will glow in the AM and your makeup will 10X better.

3. Take a hike. At least once a week or more. This isn’t just great exercise but also serves your mental health. A real 2 in one . As a new mom and a very active toddler this not o my helps clear my mind but gets the kiddo tired too. If your can’t hike or don’t have the ability just a walk outside or at the park woks too!

4. Planning your weekly meals. This makes life so so much easier . Whether it’s before you grab groceries or just organize what you already have in the fridge . Helps with eating out less, or over snacking. I love making a list of my groceries but also have 2 to 3 meals ideas , that I can make weekly and getting specific ingredients for that purpose .

5. Lastly a positive mindset . Life can hit you with many challenges but the way to get out of it is remaining positive. When you have a situation or simply a bad day where things kind of went all wrong, having that reminder of positive mindset helps. Thinking ok how do I solve this problem? 99% of the time there a solution to fix our issues . Better days are coming!

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