Everything I’m craving during my pregnancy

Believe me when I say I was never a die hard fan of anything sweet. I always liked fruits but able to spend days without it. Well things have changed let me tell you. This child has me running around town for fruit vendors , smoothies , açaí bowls and sweets at anytime of the day! who can relate??

From fresh watermelon to mangos on a daily!

What I’m craving the most:

Smoothies! mostly fruity ones with bananas and strawberries ! Watermelon especially if I can get my hands on the yellow ones! Any kind of berries. Im also craving a lot of frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream.

Theres also some weird cravings Ive been having as well! Fries dipped in soft serve ice cream. Peanut butter on everything! literally even on fits and vegetables!?! yup!

Hot dogs or corn dogs and running around town for vegan ones is a job really! Another urge I’ve had is to eat meat! Yes, this baby girl had me cheat with an in-and-out burger! Also been craving my favorite ketchup chips which are only available in Canada!!!

what are some of your cravings ??? comment below.

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