Everything About Pregnancy : The Unspoken Details

Congrats! So You just found out your pregnant! I know , a million emotions and thoughts are swarming into your head at 1000 miles a second. What’s about to come in the next 9 months of your journey are beyond what first time “mama to be” can possibly comprehend . Overwhelming feelings as weeks go by and symptoms start to pop up! As I jump into my 3rd trimester, my journey hasn’t exactly been what I expected.


Lets talk about this horrific symptom that I gladly left in my second trimester. First off its not just “morning ” sickness its more like all damn day nausea. At least 7 in 10 women experience this during pregnancy. From the moment you wake up till about 7 or even 8 pm, I had to endure this discomfort. Certain foods contribute to the nausea, certain smells become deadly. Your stomach is hungry yet you can’t bare the smell or even the thought of food! Ugh ! Been there. Done that. And I was also one of the lucky moms to be to puke 3 to 4 times a week.

Things that helped me cope:

Popsicles!!! they where truly a life saver and had replaced many meals in my very first trimester.

Lemonade! Lemonsss . Eat them , sniff them , whatever works for you. Cold unsweetened lemonade was one of the only things I could drink, not even water compared.As well as ginger ale or ginger in ant form helps.

Salt Crackers! Buy whichever brand taste remotely good and have them by your bedside. The moment you wake up shove one in your mouth.

Switch to Gummy Prenatal vitamines. The pill form had me gagging the second I put them in my mouth. The dummies I switch to helped ease the nausea.

Lastly pretzels. these babies are a life saver. always had a bag in the house and snacked on them.


Literally no one told me , the cramps in my ovaries and muscles , breasts and ligaments being pulled apart are all a part of it!!! I felt every inch of my abdominal ache as if I had done a cross fit work out! Friends and people I described the pain to said I was a big complainer, but let me tell you the soreness was real.My breasts hurt so and I couldn’t wear a bra or move an inch too fast. I googled some helpful tips and found stretching to be the best type of “care” without taking any meds of course.


Literally no one and I mean not one person warned me about the intensity of this so called fatigue nor headaches the hormones cause. I couldn’t stay awake passed noon or 1pm even if my life depended on it. The pounding headache just wouldn’t leave and are just lingering on the daily. I felt like an 18 wheeler truck had ran over me 8 times no joke. BEST ADVICE NAP!!! Sleep makes the time go by.


Gross metallic or nasty taste dwells in your mouth, pretty much all damn day. No matter how much you brush your teeth its there. The only thing that work for was chewing peppermint gum.

Many other symptoms , like choppy sleep, frequent urination, leg cramps…which other women feel are also included. Of course every women differs but all in all these are the ones I experienced that left a real mark on me or should I say a bitter taste in my mouth. All I can say is hang in there week 18 or so things get better , symptoms slowly dissapear completely or become bare-able and go down to a low level.

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