Get to live the life you want : real talk – TIPS & ADVICE.


Who doesn’t want to live the dream life. Am I right?! Whether its working from home or on your own terms. Easier said then done. Life is full of obstacles as we all figure out the right road to take on our journey. But what also matters is the life we are living; feeding us, bringing joy and happiness. Creating a life that permits you to be what you want is at times, hectic and scary.

Personally I have travelled down this road. When I left my high paying , beneficial, amazing bosses and work colleague environment job ; I literally took a leap of faith to follow my passion and create the life I thrived for. I quit my job , enrolled in beauty school and moved across the continent to Los Angeles. Consequently, I did have a few paths set up.

Here are a few tips & pointers to head in the right direction :


The number one aspect of creating the life you want is doing what you love, or why do what you love? Both ways you need to find the reason or purpose to be able to push ahead. Following your passion is way more important than simple reasons like, “I can make more money” or “it has benefits” . If those are some the reasons you are changing your path, they are not the right reasons. You need to focus more on purpose , passion and purity. Write them down if you have too, but figure out your true purpose to drive you, something that will make you happy on a daily basis.


There is no sugar coating it sacrifices will be made. And I quote “In order to achieve what you desire you must be willing to sacrifice what you have”. Whether its your expensive taste of clothing or you are foodie dining habits, some got to go. While you are attempting to reach your goals, down sizing or being far from loved ones which can be hard are necessary. Certain habits must be abandoned . You leaving your comfort zone is essential in order to achieve, swell as not to be scared by growing through your fears and sacrifices.


Sounds so simple …the key word here is PLAN. Start with a vision board. NOW. They are fun and actually help manifest. Another tip and one of the best guides has been for me; to do a 1 year 5 year and 10 year plan. Very simple to adapt write down where you see yourself and what are some actions you can make in those year spans to achieve your goals. Once you figure it out, make moves ; phone calls reach out to people, use social media (its free advertisement) do daily tasks and habits that will bring you closer to your long term goals. Even if you move an inch at a time, remember you are getting closer to your dream life.

4 comments on “Get to live the life you want : real talk – TIPS & ADVICE.”

  1. Great advice. I think it is easy to not follow through on a goal if it is the wrong goal. So your question about finding what you love is so important! Also your connection between dreaming and doing. I love to dream, but I have to be intentional about creating the action steps to make it happen. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

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