Layer up Buttercup | TIPS & IDEAS

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This year, I don’t know the reason but I feel like I’m colder than ever! If it makes sense. Wearing an actual thick coat and being warmer becomes required and making it fashionable becomes somewhat trickier. Luckily I always believe it can be done somehow.

My obsession has become a consistent ART of layering up. Pretty much the more layer the cozier! And instead of buying tons of new winter pieces Im doing it differently. A few ideas and tips coming your way on items you probably already have.

BOTTOM LAYER : I love using my sheer long sleeve shirts as a first layer. It gives that immediate chic look. Im also obsessed with bodysuits! Those keep you extra warm. And Lastly Mens shirts! those can be layered like a pro.

ADDED LAYER: Next come the chunky sweathers, wool sleeveless turtlenecks. Lastly you can always top it with a Jacket or trench coat.

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