“on the go” Hairstyles

Summer solstice has arrived with lots of brunch’s , coffee lounge’s and on the go days. I quickly figured out a few hairstyle that take 5 to 10 minutes at the most and get on with the day.


Buns are always a good idea and so easy. I prefer a high bun secured with bobby pins and a few hair strands to set a romantic style.


The side pony tail is an ultimate classic and can be literally done under a minute , no matter what condition your hair is in. Use a rubber band to secure the ponytail and giving it flexibility. You can also take 2 minutes and add a few curls, at the ends once the ponytail is in place.

3.The Braid

Braids are easy and always a good idea for any length of hair. Low braid, French braid, crown braid, dutch braids…the possibilities are endless and giving you the classy end result.

Pro Tip: you can add any type of hair scarf, pearl pin or hair accessory to any of these 3 styles and you can turn it into a evening hairstyle.

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