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10 facts you might have never known about me!

Here are some often asked questions that Im finally answering and maybe even learning something new about me!
  1. Shadesofnatalee ; Put it this way , I have multiple passions and interests and it brings out different shades of me, out of me. Shining and glowing threw different ShadesofNatalee.
  2. Origin? I am of Armenian origin, hence my really long last name, dark feature and extra thick hair.
  3. Born in Canada. Many of you might not know since I post constant pictures of LA , that I’m Canadian. Yup, born and raised in Montreal. PS; I do speak french oui!
  4. Im married; Met my hubby in LA while attending beauty school, got married to my best friend and you may see him in my stories often and somewhere on posts. I do keep my personal life on a low key.
  5. Teeny Tiny. I may know my angles really well cause truth is I’m only 5’2!
  6. How did I start. Ive always been into fashion , worked in retail since the age of 16. Its been A constant outlet for as long as I remember. Never stopped playing with makeup, beauty trends as well as journaling so what not mixed the two in a more 2019 era way! Im also a licensed esthetician therefore I take skincare very seriously. My blogs are 100% reviews of products I personally use. I absolutely love riding the fashion wave, its uplifting to share your passion with others.
  7. Pet Chameleon. Unlike others who own dogs and cats , we own a pet chameleon. Well its mostly my husbands who got it for his nephew but…ended up here.! His name HENRY. you might catch him in my snaps.
  8. I speak 5 languages. I really do, Armenian as a mother tongue as well as english and french. I also picked up turkish from my grandparents. And Spanish through college.
  9. I used to be a mortgage analyst. Sounds boring right? it sure was. I was a banker for 8 years right before i dropped it all and took a leap of faith to LA.Typical office job, altough I had a exceptional team of co-workers. So I know a thing or two about banking.
  10. Im a vegepescaterian. Haha ok no such thing. Im actually vegetarian who eats vegan often and sea food. Cheese when i have pizza and few exceptions here and there. Truth is I listen to my body, I eat what it tells me too but i haven’t eaten meet in about 6 years.
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