The Fashion of Persuasion

The ART of Persuasion has defiantly been perfected by some. Its a type of lifestyle nowadays for those who know the way to inspire them. Like everything else this method has to be adapted and practice like anything else. Persuasion can be applied in life, in work and of course fashion. The main focus should be on the science of fashion persuasion .


Valued by society as a simplicity approach to your chaotic life as well as delivering similar results endlessly. As in Fashion being consistently inspirational, yet keeping the same upbeat of jackets, hats and jewerly make you persuasive in style .

Social Validation

We are truly a species influenced by others, wanting to act like others and mimic fashion and style. Fashion brings statement pieces over and over again recreated and persuading crowds to style similar pieces from different era’s.

Trend Liking

Often looking a certain way and being attractive can be persuasive. Stylish trends in beauty as in fashion can bring a certain Trend to life by having its viewer aesthetically liking and saying yes to the styles of clothing.

Loyal reciprocity

Often people idolize and respect the returning favor and the loyalty of it. Persuasive people tend to stick to this commitment as a step to convince you of their views. Giving back to styling certain timeless staple pieces can be recognized as an homage to iconic fashion trends and stylers.

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