Staple piece every woman should have

This winter I changed my wardrobe completely. New year and New fashion trends. I did a huge flip and went for everything classy and timeless. Surprisingly I had an all time staple piece sitting in the closet. Say “hello” to The wool tench coat. Timeless piece that will give you the classy look yet you can dress it up or down as you please. Timeless pieces tend to come back in year after year. Therefore its a great investment.

button down wool coat

tan color coat

warm and trendy

TIPS: When buying a wool trench coat make sure its at least 40% or more of real wool. Pay for quality. Of course always dry clean to maintain. It will comply with both fashion and weather necessities. Also in length preference your better off with a longer coat as you can use it over dresses and pair it with cropped tops and feel cozy as well as look trendy. Its really a win win with a staple piece.I prefer buttons over zipper on classic pieces as its less chance the zipper will break, a button can always be sown back into place. This tan one I have is from zara. 

longer length better flow

open front everyday style

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