Fashion pieces to compliment the winter

Its been roughly cold lately, and most of us are ready to just bundle up and not pay so much attention to trends. Luckily I have a few tips that can come in handy and keep you looking stylish in any circumstances.


Make it count. Choose that statement hat or hoody on the jacket.Get that beautiful scarf you always wanted. Get those red leather gloves you’ve always secretly wanted. These are all details that will not only make you look trendy, but also contribute to your style.

100% wool hat


In order to keep warm and wear several statement of clothing one must learn the art of layering.Colors ,textures, different all counts.Choose fabrics that are better quality, wool or cashmere preferably. Invest in yourself. Layer up from the thinnest material to the thickest. The more you layer the more you’ll perfect it.

Other details that you can add are long boots or booties. They make great statement pieces and offer comfort and style.

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