4 reasons WHY you need a Jade Roller

A simple beauty tool that has been used centuries over time, not only compliments your skin but an absolute upgrade in your daily beauty routine. The ROXTH jade roller is a “multitasker” and it benefits your skin to the next level. The main goal of a jade roller is the increase in circulation. 1.ANTI-AGING: helpsContinue reading “4 reasons WHY you need a Jade Roller”


Colder weather are upon us, which means you can take out your boot collection. Thats right! long boots, short boots, slouchy boots, uggs…you name it. Needless to say the right pairs of jean pants goes a long way. Jeans can be tricky, they are naturally thicker than other pants and can have an unflattering effect.Continue reading “THE PERFECT JEANS FIT FOR ANY BOOTS”

Tips to connect your MIND, BODY & SOUL

As we all know intuitively , when the mind and body are connection we feel and look better. Nurturing the soul also comes into play with this elements. No secret there folks, but the trick is how to have a holistic connection of it all and without forgetting the soul. In an everyday busy lifeContinue reading “Tips to connect your MIND, BODY & SOUL”